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What are the advantages and disadvantages of fat dissolving injections?

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One of the most popular beauty procedures. And I believe that many people have heard of ” fat injection ” or “Mesofat” which is an injection to dissolve excess fat in different areas. Both on the face and the body quickly, seeing results quickly, with less pain and no need to recuperate. therefore suitable for girls In today’s era, who want to take care of the proportions to be always compact.

Known for fat dissolving injections

Before discussing the advantages and disadvantages of fat dissolving injections, what is it? We should first get to know the fat dissolving injections(ฉัดสลายไขมัน) . 

Mesofat is an injection of a drug that has the ability to break down fat into the subcutaneous layer. Its working principle is to break down fat into liquid and then excrete through the urine. Therefore, the area where the drug was injected Whether it’s the cheeks, wattles, upper arms, thighs, hips or abdomen, it will be more firm and balanced. Meso Fat also helps to speed up the burning of fat that remains in that area as well. It can be said to dissolve body fat all around in a very quick period of time.

What drugs are used for fat dissolving injections?

“So what exactly is the medicine your doctor will inject?” If I had to say the name of the medicine used in meso fat injection, it wouldn’t be very comprehensive. Because the active ingredients used in fat dissolving injections (ฉัดสลายไขมัน) are not identified as specific substances alone. Due to the innovation of Meso Fat, there is always the development and improvement of the drug. for maximum efficiency Therefore, each beauty clinic has its own formula of drug combinations. However , there are 3 main active ingredients used in fat dissolving injections :

  • Artichoke Extract (Cynara Scolymus) – It is responsible for stimulating the synthesis of coenzyme in the process of anabolism, helping to reduce the production of fatty acids and adipose tissue.
  • Mesostabyl – a substance used to stimulate the activity of the enzyme Lipase (Lipase) reduces the production of triglycerides. (Triglyceride) and inhibits the creation of cholesterol. (Cholesterol) as well
  • L-carnitine – Stimulates the body to use fat as energy, thereby causing more fat burning.

After knowing the approximate information about fat dissolving injections (ฉัดสลายไขมัน)  Many of you are probably wondering. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of fat dissolving injections? Why should you choose to use fat dissolving injections? So why are fat dissolving injections so popular nowadays? Let’s find out! 

Advantages of fat dissolving injections

Let’s start with the advantages of fat dissolving injections as follows: 

  1. see results quickly Proper and correct fat dissolving injections will see results 10 – 15% from the beginning. and will see visible results within 1 – 3 weeks after the injection Moreover, the results can last up to 3 months. However, the results of the fat dissolving injections(ฉัดสลายไขมัน) depend on the amount of fat in the individual’s body. which may not be equal, so the change is not the same including self-care behaviors after the injection
  2. didn’t take long Fat dissolving injections only took 15-40 minutes.
  3. No pain and no downtime Mesophat treatment involves injecting a drug into the subcutaneous layer. Does not rely on surgery or liposuction. While doing it, you will feel a little pain like a normal injection. In addition, the wound was as small as the tip of the needle. Fat dissolving injections are therefore suitable for those who are afraid of pain. do not want surgery and inconvenient to recuperate for a long time
  4. It can reduce fat in specific areas such as cheeks, wattles, upper arms, thighs and abdomen because some fat areas cannot be reduced by diet or exercise. Making meso fat is another help for those who want to speed up the time to reduce unwanted fat in specific areas.

But even if there are many advantages There are still some disadvantages of fat dissolving injections(ฉัดสลายไขมัน). It may be a side effect that occurs only in some people.

Disadvantages of Fat Burning Injections

  1. Swelling after mesophat injection In some cases, there may be a slight swelling due to the amount of substance injected. but don’t worry Because this swelling will be able to subside on its own within 3-4 hours after the drug penetrates into the fat. It’s not an inflammation at all.
  2. Not suitable for people with high fat content. Mesofat is not liposuction. Therefore, those with a large amount of fat may need 4 to 5 fat dissolving injections or according to the evaluation of a medical professional. for clear results
  3. Can’t do it once Fat dissolving injections should be performed according to the number of times recommended by the doctor until the end of the course for the most satisfactory results. Each injection is approximately 2 weeks apart.
  4. Some people may be allergic to the injected substance. Therefore, you should choose a beauty clinic that is safe and standard. Have the right license, quality, and reasonable price. And most importantly, it must be performed by an experienced specialist doctor.

Any young woman who is interested in fat dissolving injections can use the above information for decision making. And we must not forget that fat injections must be performed at a standardized cosmetic clinic in order to achieve the most satisfactory results, and most importantly, for your own safety.

Fat dissolving injections with Anna Clinic are absolutely safe.

Anna Clinic has a specialist in facial contouring to give advice and take care of every step of fat dissolving injections. Rest assured that you will receive a safe and standardized service. with impressive results

We have 2 fat burning injection programs which are

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Triple Fat Killer Premium Fat Burning Injection Program Using a drug that is 3 times more intense than the standard formula, so results can be seen quickly. It works through 3 mechanisms: Burn, Block and Lift. 

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