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Why should you choose Essential Beauty

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With 30 years of experience and salons across Australia, Essential Beauty has been the expert in waxing service, piercing, and all things beauty since 1990! We are a network of full-service beauty salons specializing in waxing and body piercing, as well as offering brow and lash services, facials, microdermabrasion, spray tanning, quality body jewelry, and skincare.

The Essential Beauty story began in 1990 in Adelaide, South Australia, when our first salon opened, with one-room beauty inside a women’s only gym. Essential Beauty’s vision was to take beauty services that were once seen as a luxury or inaccessible and transform them into a necessity, in a convenient, friendly, and welcoming environment.

Essential Beauty began franchising salons in 2000 and quickly became the fastest-growing franchise in Australia. Today, Essential Beauty has over 400 rooms throughout its network of 65 salons across Australia and proudly employs over 400 Beauty Therapists and Piercing Specialists!

Our mission is to remain an influential driver in the beauty industry with an uncompromising commitment to innovation and exceeding our customer’s expectations. We were the first to offer XXX Brazilian waxing in South Australia. Our cheeky advertising campaigns launched our XXX Brazilian wax and it quickly became a phenomenon, it is still our most popular service today!

In 1995, Essential Beauty was the first to introduce body piercing into a beauty salon setting, traditionally piercings were only done in tattoo shops. Essential Beauty made piercing accessible to fashion-forward young men and women that didn’t necessarily fit into tattoo studio clientele in the 90s!

In 2018, Essential Beauty formed an exclusive partnership with the innovative German-made skincare brand Dalton Marine Cosmetics. Dalton was founded in 1976 and is loved in over 50 countries! Dalton is exclusively available in Australia through Essential Beauty.

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