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Why Dr. Anna Skincare is best skincare in thailand?

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Dr. Anna Skincare is a cosmetic and nutritional supplement product under the supervision and development of Dr. Anna. With more than 10 years of real skin care experience, it makes me understand skin problems. and ready to take care of freckles problems from the root cause by adhering to 3 principles for taking care of freckles(เซตลดฝ้ากระ) problems


All products of Dr. Anna Skincare are safe and certified by the FDA  (Food and Drug Administration).

See results

Because the components of the product are selected with full quality. After 2-4 weeks of continuous use, more than 80% of real users are satisfied.

Gentle on all skin types

Dr. Anna Skin Care can be used for all skin types, even sensitive skin. From using it to take care of skin problems of more than 10,000 real cases, the chance of allergy is very low.

Therefore, Dr. Anna Skincare is a product that focuses on nourishing and treating problems caused by pollution that harms the skin, including sun exposure, dust, which is the main cause of melasma, freckles (เซตลดฝ้ากระ), dark spots and dull, uneven skin tone, which is a problem. Dr. Anna Skincare would like to be a part of taking care of the skin of Thai people. To be healthier and younger with consideration of safety, use and see results. Gentle on all skin types

Product Recommend

Products that focus on skin care and treatment Dr. Anna Skincare   would like to be a part of taking care of Thai people’s skin. To be healthier and younger, safety in mind. Use it and see real results. Gentle on all skin types

Freckles set

Instant White, brightening face cream

Prevent freckles from recurring. or prevent new freckles.

Advanced Melas Clear, a cream to reduce freckles (เซตลดฝ้ากระ), dark spots, urgent formula,

suitable for deep freckles, thick freckles that have been for a long time, drug resistant.

Dr.Anna Salmon Nose Cartilage Extract Plus Gluta C

Melasma Dissolving Vitamins Formula with extracts from the tender nose of salmon.

  • Say goodbye to freckles, dark spots
  • skin elasticity and firmness
  • Antioxidants from within


1.Causes of melasma and freckles including how to treat melasma

Melasma is an abnormality that occurs in the subcutaneous layer. The cause that causes melasma consists of 3 main factors, namely heredity, which will be inherited. If a family member has melasma, there is a high chance that it can cause melasma. Currently, the medical profession is unable to find the genes that control melasma. therefore unable to modify the genetics The second cause is sunlight, which will stimulate the function of pigment cells to spread and cause pigment to appear on the skin. And the last cause is hormones, which among pregnant women are more likely to cause melasma. Including cases where women who take oral contraceptives tend to darken the melasma.

while “freckles” (ลดฝ้ากระ) are small brown spots. found on the skin Occurs from the malfunction of the pigment melanin. which has a similar cause to melasma In most cases, women are 80% more likely to get freckles than men due to changes in estrogen or progesterone. This will affect the pigment cells under the skin to change there.

by the method of treating ceilings and tiles Currently, there is no 100% cure for melasma and freckles. It is only found to make melasma and freckles look faded. which includes both the use of topical drugs taking medicine laser use Exfoliating with fruit acids including the use of cream to reduce freckles, Dr. Anna

2.What is Dr. Anna’s freckle reduction cream?

Dr Anna Freckle Reduction Cream(ลดฝ้ากระ) or Advanced Melas Clear, freckles, dark spots, urgent formula is an innovative product that focuses on nourishing and treating the skin that Dr. Anna Skincare has developed specifically to take care of Thai people’s skin. which cream to reduce freckles Anna will help to heal on the spot. This makes the pigment cells that are the important parts that cause freckles, dark spots to look faded, and the skin color looks consistent. Significantly reduce melanin color Inhibiting the process of melanin production to prevent new melasma by Advanced Melas Clear, using the innovation of The Cosmetic Drone ™ from Spain, can deliver important substances that are targeted directly to the pigment cells. The selected ingredients are derived from international research such as Spain and Japan. Therefore, the cream reduces freckles. Dr. Anna is very popular and the results are very satisfying with the users.

3.How can I order products to reduce freckles Dr Anna, reduce freckles, reduce freckles Anna?

they can order Advanced Melas Clear, Dr. Anna’s freckles, dark spots, urgent formula through this channel. Click here or it will be a channel.

Facebook: Dr.Anna Skincare Dr. Anna Freckles Cream 

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