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What is an SEO audit?

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What is an SEO audit?

A good SEO audit will cover both structural and content that affect your SEO should give a big picture of what is happening and tell you what missing is in your website or anything to change to gain high rank in search result. It should be summarizing and easy to understand and come with an actionable recommendation. This process will take some times and we can’t speed it up, we need to plan also your Local SEO strategy

SEO audits may different from website to website. They will be something that every audit has to check such as site map, server errors, and metadata. SEO audit should have Technical analysis, On-Page analysis, Off-Page analysis and Competitive analysis and keyword research. Nothing like a relevant seo audit to start getting better rankings.

Technical analysis is about your website system, if it is working properly or This process is mostly about accessibility by user and by bot.

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On-Page analysis is about having a content that relates to your business website that is determined by Keywords use and content structure Meta Data Analysis etc. having  a link to other websites are a big factor too as long as you link to a trustworthy website.

Off-page analysis is about other people’s views on your website. This is determined by having a lot of backlink to your website the more relevant and trustworthy it is the better.

Competitive analysis and keyword research each website has relevant products or keywords that are more important than others simply because it has more traffic.  This will help decide which keywords you want to put in your website.

In conclusion, SEO auditing is a complicated process to find out what is a position in rank and why you are in that rank. With this you can make a better website and gain a high rank which lead to more traffic and conversion. If you are interested in checking your website we can help you with that.

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