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How to buy the best  water pitcher 2022

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Water is the most important factor in life. Our body is indispensable. Because drinking water will add moisture to our bodies as well. In addition, the human body has fluid as an important component.Therefore, humans have to drink water. In addition, humans have invented many different types of beverages. Whether it is tea, coffee, soft drinks, fruit juices, the container for drinks is inevitable as a glass of water or a coffee mug. Or some people may put it in a flask for easy carrying and drinking. In addition, one thing that is indispensable is a water jug for filling water.

The water jug is a must-have kitchen item in every household. including indispensable restaurants Because it is used for pouring water to serve customers. The water jug is also used to indicate the luxury of the restaurant. 

How to buy the best  water pitcher

It is the first thing that comes to mind as to what the purpose of this mug is. Careful consideration must be given to what kind of drink most of the purchased jug will be used for. such as cold drinks or normal temperature drinks

Capacity for water jug

Available in sizes from 500 ml. to 1,500 ml. for the whole family to share. Capacity will affect usage. It helps to increase drinking water as well. However, if you choose a jug that has too much capacity, it can weigh a lot when pouring. 

Container material

Looking for a jug suitable for household use? Consider choosing the material used to make the water pitcher when making a purchase decision. Most of the materials used to make jugs are plastic, metal and glass.

– plastic jug It’s a commonly used pitcher. because it is difficult to break but is prone to stains. It can smell Not heat resistant, lightweight, but there are many grades of plastic. It is necessary to choose high grade plastic. 

– Metal jugs are known for their high durability. Able to heat and cold well Including being able to bring heat and standing as well commonly used But they are often expensive and heavy.

– Glass jugs are the most popular material for clear pitchers. because it is durable and lasts a very long time. It can withstand a certain degree of heat and is very beautiful. The weight is just right. It has various properties depending on the production. For example, soda-lime glass can produce different colors. has undergone the addition of colored oxides. For borosilicate glass, it is very resistant to temperature changes, which is mostly used for coffee as a coffee mug. 

Shape of glass jug

must be considered in combination with capacity The shape of the glass jug affects usage and storage. Most mugs are cylindrical at the top, often have a beak for easy pouring, or they may have a narrow top for easy pouring. 


In most cases, clear glass jars have a pattern that clearly indicates the quantity. to know how much water is contained Some may have cute screen designs. It can be used for pleasure or can be given as a special gift.

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