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collagen silk thread Lift and tighten the skin to look full.

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Collagen silk is a silk that stimulates collagen production under the skin. As a result, the skin looks tight. firmer firmware The silk will look like a smooth silk without spines. There are many different names and styles nowadays. which can be used to solve many skin problems Results will be evident about 4 weeks after the procedure. and do not need to recuperate for a long time, easy to take care high security

What is silk collagen?

“Silk Collagen (ร้อยไหมคอลลาเจน) ” that many people understand. It is a fine thread that has been strung to help stimulate collagen to make the skin firmer. Actually, that’s right. But it’s not over yet!! If I’m right, it’s anything that is threaded under the skin layer. And causing a wound to occur, then the creation follows, but in the beauty industry, we call it transliteration instead of the silk that is smooth and has no spines.

Collagen silk that is “smooth silk or mono silk” has a small, smooth, not very long line and has no spines. The Phatcha Clinic will be called thread lock Because the process of silk’s main function is to stimulate collagen production under the skin. Make the skin look firm Reduce wrinkles, tighten the skin, rejuvenate the skin and reduce acne scars. can enlarge pores Usually, it is not commonly used to lift sagging skin because it is not as effective in lifting and slender faces as those with spines.

Smooth silk, or mono, is a melted thread developed from the thread used to sew the veins in the body. so it is safe and reduce the chances of losing Able to disintegrate by itself after 6-8 months

After thread lifting, you will see results immediately about 20-30% and you will see results clearly. When our facial skin is in place for about 1-2 months and see results for up to 1 year at least This type of threading requires several threads to be seen clearly. at least 40 lines Because the thin silk (ร้อยไหมคอลลาเจน) threads need to be placed where many lines are stacked together.

Does collagen help solve any problems?

  • Rejuvenate the skin, stimulate the production of Collagen and Elastin under the skin layer.
  • Makes the skin look tighter and also helps smoothen the problem of acne scars, large pores (if using sufficient amount of silk for skin problems)
  • Firmer skin and clearer facial contours
  • Make the skin look fuller, reduce wrinkles and shine more.
  • Raising eyebrows, eyebrows, eyes

Characteristics of collagen silk

There are many variations and names. Depending on each clinic will be named and used. Most of the silkworms have the following characteristics:

  • A short thread of silk that does not exceed about 10 centimeters in length.
  • silk threads are small The pattern is a pointed needle, about 27G-30G.
  • From non-residue biodegradable materials such as PDO, PLLA and PCL are safe.
  • silk threads are smooth There are no spines or threads separated from the silk threads.
  • The pattern of silk can be single strands. Spiral wrapped around the needle or like a flower (Blooming)

Advantages of collagen threading

  • very little swelling You can use your face immediately without downtime. Do not rely on surgery There is a small wound that looks like a needle prick.
  • The material of the silk is safe. can decompose by itself without residue
  • Little or almost no pain Because the silk is small
  • Stimulates collagen production under the skin see long term results
  • The result is that the face is firmer and firmer. Smooth, youthful skin And wrinkles at various points on the face will look noticeably shallow.
  • There are no restrictions on older cases. like silk


Collagen silk(ร้อยไหมคอลลาเจน) or smooth silk (mono silk) is a silk that focuses on stimulating collagen and elastin under the skin. The result is smooth, fuller skin, reducing shallow wrinkles on the skin. and look more compact But the results in terms of lifting will not be as pronounced as silk or silk threads (ร้อยไหมคอลลาเจน) (Barb) and good results require a number of lines. and have a good technique for laying silk

Therefore, nowadays, the threading is mixed between smooth silk and silk thread. to solve the problem of sagging skin Lack of flexibility is therefore popular. Because it will solve skin problems comprehensively. work together And the results are impressive for many inpatients.

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